20 Years of Proven Grant Writing, Grant Management, and Training.

Locating, strategizing, and securing grants and contracts for universities, rural groups, small business, and municipalities countrywide.


The process begins with trust - add a sound strategy, team-work, experience, procedural execution, followup, and professional administration.

How does Washington work these days? How does Gray Matter help your cause develop successfull federal or private funding for your business, university, non-profit, or municipality?

Experienced, proven methods; Government relations; Washington's best grant-writing services; Development, Writing, Submitions, and Administration to obtain multi-million dollar grants.

Once the grant process is sucessful for you, we will help you maintain your funds, as members of the Grant Professionals Association, we provide the best possible, personalized, next-level grant fund management.

The Formula For Success is in the Credentials and Personal Experience.

Higher Education

The Gray Matter Consulting team has created extensive relationships and personal contacts at all of the federal agencies that fund institutions of higher education. Our clients go from simply reading agency websites and hoping to understand the specifics of the grant application, to meeting face-to-face with decision-makers and hearing first-hand how to best shape a winning grant application.

Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in the federal government and higher education. We represent private and public colleges and universities to provide higher education expert consulting.

State, Local, and Tribal Grants

State, county, parish or local unit of government understand the challenges facing your constituents. Even in today's world of declining revenues and decreased spending the Federal Government provides over $600 billion in grants.

Gray Matter Consulting can assist you in identifying, developing, and successfully submitting competitive grant applications to federal agencies.

Our comprehensive range of services include assessment of internal grants management capabilities and controls, assisting the completion and filing of all required forms and reports, and support for clients in remediating any audit deficiencies.

Grant Investigations

Gray Matter has conducted numerous investigations regarding fraud, waste, and abuse for both the grantee and grantor.

Our approach is proven. We annually garner millions of dollars or create new initiatives for our clients that have a profound effect upon the lives of individuals in their communities or across the nation. In today's post earmark world, we focus on our extensive relationships with agency program officers and our deep, hands-on experience submitting competitive federal grants to help our clients obtain funding for research, programs, equipment, and scholarships.

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